Fun And Games For Your Swimming Pool

Some games that you can play in your pool. Naturally, safety must come first: common sense should be used whenever using a swimming pool or playing swimming pool games. No fighting, no pushing, no pulling hair, no dunking, no decapitating, you get the general idea – play nice.

Watermelon Polo

Players much be split into two teams. The teams meet in the middle of the swimming pool, and a greased watermelon is placed between them. Once the referee has started the match, both teams must try to get the watermelon to the other side of the pool and into the goal. The winning team is the first one to the predetermined number of goals.
Tools Needed: Four or more players, one watermelon, grease or lard, two goals, referee.

Rules: Watermelon cannot leave the water.

Variations: Try using a small beach ball instead.

Diving Board HORSE

This is pretty similar to the basketball games of the same name. Firstly, all of the players get in a line. The first participant leaps from the diving board, and then the next person tries to do the same jump or dive as well as or better than the first person. If the mimicker does not do as well or better, that person gets a letter – “H” then “O” then “R: etc. (the letters of “HORSE”). Once a letter has been ‘awarded’, the next person becomes the leader that everyone must attempt to copy. Once a player has spelled out the word ‘HORSE’, that person is out and has to step aside and wait for a new game. The winner will be the only participant left that has not spelled out the word.

Tools Needed: Two or more players, a judge, a swimming pool with a diving board.